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monday's playlist: 03/30/09
grand duchy break the angels
sara watkins pony
mt. st. helens vietnam band masquerade
sirsy sorry next
the coathangers pussy willow
ice palace outside the gates
1990's the box
doves 10.03
ronnie boykins the will come is now
omar sosa sextet across africa (the dream)
the boy least likely to whiskers
booker t. potato hole
vampire hands desert dreams
infliktors everybody wants to survive
conshafter so long sweet dreams
pilot cloud map
arch cupcake box of bees
spaceships are cool this fond farewell
miles davis sid's ahead
depeche mode wrong
royskopp tricky tricky
weird owl skeletelpathic
assemble head in sunburst sound end under down
fol chen the believers
handsome furs all we want baby is everything
neko case this tornado loves you
jeremy jay winter wonder
datsuns eye of the needle
qemists on the run
boom box repair kit trip the light fantastico
hatcham social sidewalk
the long last colour

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big pile of bones

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