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monday's playlist: 03/23/09
ramblin' jack elliott death don't have no mercy
chase frank six degrees
pavement destroy mater dei
shortwave set harmonia
prodigy stand up
the pains of being pure at heart the tenure itch
bishop allen the ancient common sense of things
the spanish armada sober
nasa the people tree
jogger nice tights
julie the band that's the truth
deaths becomes even the maiden at panic
sin fang bous a fire to sleep in
sun ra the other world
cursive what have i done
titus andronicus no future pt. 2
red red meat idiot son
telling on trixie the deepest dive
the felice brothers run chicken run
beau jaque & the zydeco hirollers boogie woogie all night long
alterosa sleep
heat from a dead star no mercury
neko case the pharoahs
mirah the world is falling
arboreteum infinite corridors
youth group in my dreams
blk jks it's in everything you'll see
th' mole sonny boy
cyrille neville cream them beans
chin chin go there with you
neighborhoods prettiest girl

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big pile of bones

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