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monday's playlist: 03/09/09
violens already over
vampire hands cathedral blues two
blk jks mystery
bell orchestre icicles/bicycles
elvis perkins send my fond regards to lonelyville
golden boots saviour's sky
shortwave set now til 69
the kokoon life it seems so delicate
arthur doyles free jazz orchestra #10
master musicians of jajouka hlallia
branflakes stumble out of bed
nasa there's a party
qemists lost weekend
neats caraboo
arch cupcake no dice
the diggers let's love
an horse little lungs
condo fucks dog meat
ecid daddy's little monster
cursive mama i'm swollen
mi ami peace talks/downer
psapp i want that
pavement birds in the majic industry
disciplines like so many times before
now now every children have you tried
matt & kim good ol' fashion nightmare
beware of safety step or stone
mirah gone are the days
evacuate bulimia girl
the inclined the first day of many
o + s haunts
doctors & dealers sunday morning
lyres stacey
halloween, alaska hurry up
jeremy jay gallop
a kid named thompson life generally
the bird and the bee polite dance song

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big pile of bones

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