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monday's playlist: 03/02/09
neko case don't forget me
yes please ready go
nico vega rabbit in the bag
sin fang bous lies
handsome furs officer of the hearts
everything absent or distorted feather beds in a bomb shelter
mirah education
space ghost highway 40
bell x1 a better band
architecture in helsinki that beep
propagandhi supporting caste
don cherry remembrance
roaring lion money money
heat from a dead star seahorse seafish
gay witch abortion church buffet
space ghost highway 40
say hi hallie & henry
telepathe can't stand it
next door neighbors the werewolf song
antlers atrophy
the tunnel devil's doorstep
everybody out transistor jim
vetiver through the front door
mission of burma ok no way
the vines jamola
robyn hitchcock & the venus 3 sixteen years
black lips starting over
polka dot dot dot miss restless
psapp somewhere there is a record of our actions
beat strings in the night
morrissey something is squeezing my skull
feeding fingers she hides disease

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big pile of bones

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