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monday's playlist: 3/13/06
frank zappa & the mothers of invention trouble every day
13th floor elevators before you accuse me
cream world of pain
radiohead planet telex
the leaving trains claire voyeur
neutral milk hotel oh comely
blur she's so high
isobel campbell & mark lanegan saturday's gone
the legendary shack shakers iron lung oompah
the beatings a responsible person
ramones poison heart
white stripes death letter
selmanaires devil's note
gang of four i absolve you
delta 5 journey
sing sing when i was made
diamanda galas the thrill is gone
linton kwesi johnson mi revalueshanary fren
revolting cocks caliente (dark entries)
gossip jealous girl
kristen hirsh three nights drunk
merle haggard more than my old guitar
crib rock you shook me all night long
daniel johnston life in vain
gladiators trouble
black box recorder uptown top ranking
jimmy johnson slammin' doors
my life with the thrill kill kult euro-freak hustle
new order waiting for the sirens call
spinanes fame & fortune
sonic youth peace attack
tear drop explodes sleeping gas
coltrane motion i guess
belle & sebastian sukie in the graveyard
spiritualized clear rush
quintron & miss pussycat shop lifter
the birthday party zoo music girl
the soft boys i wanna destroy you

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big pile of bones

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