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monday's playlist: 3/06/06
mudhoney where is the future
usa is a monster tecumseh
snaggle & buck rakes & rails
dipsomaniacs syd barrett
rainer maria artificial heart
calexico cruel
david bowie unwashed & somewhat slightly dazed
brian eno & jah wobble marine radio
polysics skip it
eastern youth one way ticket song
built to spill time trap
man man black mission goggles
rachels wally, egon & models in the studio
alquimia & jose luis fernandez ledesma foundations (basamentos)
marion brown sunshine road
big al downing georgia slop
½ japanese gloria
playgirls donnie
floyd dixon what is life without a home
tom waits in the colosseum
the rogers sisters emotion control
the wading girl danke schoen
rufus thomas can't get away from this dog
bunny wailer baldheaded woman
billy bragg like soldiers do
little milton walking the backstreets & crying
morris lane & his orchestra return of b.o. plenty
professor longhair cuttin' out
junior murvin just my imagination (running away with me)
johnny cash tear stained letter
aceyalone disconnected
echo & the bunnymen porcupine
the capricorns don't close your eyes
moondog rabbit hop
cat power willie
deerhoof desaparecere
jenny lewis with the watson twins run devil run
sugar hoover dam

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big pile of bones

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