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monday's playlist: 02/23/09
jesus lizard monkey trick
stranglers la folie
math the band tour de friends
matt & kim don't slow down
golden boots easy lie
wolf eyes rattle snake shake
mi ami the man in your house
sick of sarah common mistake
lily allen who'd have known
branflakes singing dogs
fake problems level with the devil
love tones look at the waves
a.c. newman like a hitman, like a dancer
mudhoney in and out of grace
six star general ode to cheryl ladd
the pains of being pure at heart young adult friction
psapp part like waves
the propellors roundabout train
abdullah ibrahim for coltrane no. 11
oliver lake 245
fela kuti don't worry about my mouth o (african message)
la strada starling
coma queen you'll find out
olivia tremor control the sylvan screen
babyland con sequences
robert fripp/david sylvain god's monkey
shortwave set replica
the isles there's no heaven
sunshine thru magnetic fields
tuscadero tiny shiny boyfriend
television guiding light
the bentmen up the light

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big pile of bones

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