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monday's playlist: 02/16/09
sonny rollins without a song
the beatles piggies
iran airport '79
morrissey you were good in your time
dear nora girl from the north country
laureates nothing is perfect
old ceremony til my voice is gone
gun outfit the valley
western civ american pines
branflakes mini mountain queen
nasa spacious thoughts
gorillaz every planet we reach is dead
ex norwegian my name is paul
beat strings full coal eyes
the thoughts 1,2,3,5
one of the loudest tragedies ever heard baby's on fire
robyn hitchcock & the venus 3 i'm falling
hot panda whale headed girl
the coathangers parcheezi
the living things snake oil man
kokoon ready to go
the disciplines shadow of your doubt
spiral beach rocket fuel
plush gun without a light
this town needs guns badger
mad staring eyes grounded
pavement killing moon
cat power colors & the kids
odds come to l.a.
spaceships are cool gingerbread houses
master musicians of jajouka boujeloud dancing with kandisha
golden boots easy lie
white stripes red rain
eef barzeley let us be naked

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big pile of bones

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