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monday's playlist: 02/09/09
cramps blow up your mind
cramps god monster
cramps wrong way ticket
cramps wilder wilder faster faster
cramps cramp stomp
happy go licky boca raton
elusive parallelograms intelligent design
wow & flutter car crash
clem snide out time will come
miles davis all blues
happy flowers real (i could shoot you and sleep in the big bed with mommmy)
vetiver at forest edge
forest fang echo (water map of aeolia)
now now every children friends with my sister
pains of being pure at heart stay alive
morrissey i'm throwing my arms around paris
cracker dixie babylon
titus andronicus arms against atrophy
ratatat mirando
surf city free the city
mi ami echo non echo
half japanese black fruit
mr. scruff kalimba
made in mexico march on la migra
firewater balalaika
feedtime melody line
cut off your hands oh girl
tussle transparent c
matt & kim i'll take us home
oh no not stereo can't trust anyone
pavement type slowly
eleni mandell tiny waist
a.c. newman all of my days and all of my days off
loney, dear i was only going out

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big pile of bones

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