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monday's playlist: 02/02/09
robyn hitchcock & the venus three goodnight oslo
golden boots ghosts
hot panda gold star swimmer
ladyfinger (ne) read the will
belle & sebastian the boys are back in town
woodpigeon i live a lot of places
broken spindles i've never been this afraid
beware of safety raingarden
mary kate o'neil nashville
boxer rebellion flashing red light means go
pavement type slowly
moon & moon hands of a man
my son the bum the riaa (took my computer away)
the divorced south boston
hi red center pipe dream
a.c. newman submarines of stockholm
tallest man on earth where do my bluebirds fly
angil + hiddntrcks you most (part two)
elvin jones have you seen elveen
art pepper mambo koyama
johnny hodges empty ballroom blues
happy mondays step on
my federation somethings gotta give
brian jonestown massacre never become emotionally attached to man, womand, beast or child
gogogo airheart 68...programe
iron & wine wolves/song of the shepherds dog
laurie anderson speechless
fuzzy losing end
chills stranger case
flaming lips fight test
flesheaters lost diamonds
ass baboons of venus oahu dwee bop
david byrne/brian eno strange overtones

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big pile of bones

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