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monday's playlist: 2/4/08
b-52s funplex
hot chip hold on
surf 400 i could be reborn
ida willow tree
black rebel motorcycle club the shows about to begin
rafter love time now please
jonny greenwood prospectors arrive
fleshtones back to school
shondes what love is
bob mould again and again
cat power i believe in you
die! die! die! sideways here we come
kabuan moogda wairoon (teenager)
xiu xiu black keyboard
times new viking relevant: now
the alphabetical order adderall
hard lessons i like your hair long
horace silver the outlaw
gonzalo rubalcaba peace
david bowie panic in detroit
kimya dawson tire swing
hugo largo scream tall
radiohead all i need
vampire weekend m79
butthole surfers whirling hall of knives
black mountain night walks
horrorpops everything's everything
camper van beethoven devils song
french horn rebellion broken heart
matt king eden's apple
knife & fork motorway to roswell
mah jongg wipe out
evaporators st. roch
wire 23 years too late
able baker fox dead space
jackie brenston rocket 88

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big pile of bones

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