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monday's playlist: 2/27/06
mal waldron & marion brown contemplation
cecil taylor unit #1
trio de paz namacumba
revolting cocks dead end streets
dean martin go go go
girls against boys satin down
black rebel motorcycle club mercy
yellowman cnn news
bunny & skitter a little mashin'
beat happening me untamed
the skatalites malcolm x
the ukranians vorony
eddie floyd big bird
johnny taylor jody's got your girl & gone
staples singers respect yourself
albert king breaking up somebody's home
the mar-keys last night
legendary shack shakers no such thing
hellacopter no angel to lay me away
the cramps fissure of rolando
the lawrence arms like a record player
gossip holy water
d.o.a. eve of destruction
brian jonestown massacre no come down
david bowie yassassin
hole baby doll
margot & the nuclear so and so's dress me like a clown
casiotone for the painfully alone cold white christmas
hank williams move it on over
nashville pussy drive
pj harvey oh my lover
anthony braxton composition #40j & 110a
julien priester & sam rivers desire
the adventures washington deceased
swans killing for company
stereolab vodiak
libertines death on the stairs

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big pile of bones

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