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monday's playlist: 2/20/06
john cale & brian eno cordoba
leonard cohen i'm your man
terry hall ultra modern nursery rhyme
xiu xiu sad pony, guerilla girl
zero boys civilizations dying
adolph hofner star kovarna
bob wills & his texas playboys faded love
banda sinfonica sunicancha soy trujillanita
cambodian rocks track #1
country gentlemen the fields have turned brown
red garland trio satin doll
chico freeman after the rain
billy bragg a new england
nofx the marxist brothers
hüsker dü in a free land
robert pollard blessed in an open head
my bloody valentine honey power
anna oxygen willow song
circle jerks world up my ass
nick cave & warren ellis clean hands, dirty hands
the rogers sisters your littlest world
low skies stone mountain
los de abajo tan lejos tan cerca (te vere en missmenos)
mighty sparrow no more rocking
clifton chenier i may be wrong
coleman hawkins i'm beginning to see the light
charlie parker sippin' at bells
abdullah ibrahim dindela
john coltrane venus
damian marley pimpas paradise
sing-sing when i was made
arctic monkeys perhaps vampire is a bit strong but...
my life with the thrill kill kult dream 13
oakley hall eyes lock & steel
margot & the nuclear so and sos quiet as a mouse
kristin hersh wave of mutilation
aceyalone cornbread eddie & me

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big pile of bones

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