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monday's playlist: 2/13/06
billy bragg deportees
concrete blonde bloodletting (the vampire song)
they shoot horses don't they concussion
jel wmd
legendary shack shakers gypsy valentine
electric president good morning hypocrite
cowboy mouth hole in my heart
nick cave & warren ellis down to the valley
greenhornes stay away girl
cat power hate
mali music spoons
senor coconut showroom dummies
stephen malkmus pink india
flipper someday
mecca normal is this you?
shonen knife cycling is fun
jack o'fire moanin' at midnight
john lee hooker chicken & gravy
gibby haynes 15000
flaming lips are you a hynotist?
horrorpops you vs. me
flaming sideburns invisible hands
the beatings stockholm syndrome relapse
roots radics radically radics
flesheaters violent lullaby
lesbians on ecstasy manipulate
prefuse 73 matrimonioids
devo post post modern man
gossip yr mangled heart
fleshtones big heart
dinosaur jr. they always come
(international) noise conspiracy a small demand
duke ellington hi fi fo fum
belle & sebastian for the price of a cup of tea
hugh hopper & kramer free will & testament
raincoats lola

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big pile of bones

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