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monday's playlist: 2/06/06
boysie grant with reynold's calypso clippers come we go down a unity/old lady/linstead market
pixies planet of sound
jenny lewis & the watson twins rabbit fur coat
glands straight
delta 5 anticipation
sing sing come, sing me a song
cat power willie
selector deep water
smokey robinson & the miracles tracks of my tears
ogden edsl kinko the clown
blu crush potato peelas
new order lonesome tonight
funkadelic super stupid
otis rush please love me
turkio keeping me awake
luis bonfa space adventure
eddie floyd consider me
nick cave & warren ellis gun thing
peter gabriel mundzumunbeatmung
two gallants las cruces jail
belle & sebastian dress up in you
daniel johnston syryp of tears
green velvet land of the lost
sonny rollins four
langston hughes story of the blues
hellacopter leave it alone
los de abajo the lunatics (have taken over the asylum)
young & sexy without your love
neko case star witness
lesbians on ecstasy vegetarian waving a rainbow flag of raw meat principle
prefuse 73 creating cyclical headaches
au revoir simone through the backyards
oakley hall codine
eef barzelay ballad of a bitter honey
up the empire star fuck
midstates didn't ask
joe strummer & the mescaleros cool 'n out

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big pile of bones

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