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monday's playlist: 2/24/03

the stranglers no more heroes
new order all day long
butthole surfers the weird revolution
aerogramme simple process of elimination
radiohead high and dry
james chance almost black
pj harvey good fortune
dirty three alice wading
los lobos let's say goodnight
nick cave and the bad seeds dead man in my bed
hint hint harry's ass is a picnic
pavement hit the plane down
stiffed stay
throwing muses half blast
the residents neediness
otis redding my girl
tom waits return of jackie & judy
groove armada lovebox
ministry pissy
mindflayer take your shoes off
standstill skies and a mouse
cat power i don't blake you
swingin' utters all that i can play
calexico quattro (world drifts in)
blackstone valley sinners slater mill
xiu xiu ian curtis wishlist
jfa lowrider
atom & his package dear atom, you do not want children. love, atom
burndiscoburn problems replacing problems
a band of bees angryman
rod & the msr singers richard nixon
duke ellington c jam blues
pharoah sanders blues for santa cruz
boozoo chavis zydeco hee haw
the box tops the letter
dirt bike annie my girl left me for a chick
baptist generals feds on the highway
the apes street warz
king sunny adé mo ti mo

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big pile of bones

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