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monday's playlist: 2/10/03

cat power names
eugene chadbourne w va spec (zorn tribute)
ape has killed ape are we not dinosaurs
sonic youth female mechanic now on duty
pigface miss sway action
talking heads drugs
shaktar shulban demonstration of sygyt & kargyraa
groove armada remember
the go-betweens poison in the walls
neil young cortez the killer
todd rundgren black maria
the shins we will become silhouettes
girls against boys super-fire
devo goo goo itch
the cramps goo goo muck
shark quest la la
suicidal tendencies give it revolution
andy dick little brown ring
the rogers sisters i'm related to you
james chance designed to kill
midnight creeps brainwashed
paul weller one x one
nick cave & the bad seeds wonderful life
isaac hayes your loving is much too strong
johnny london drivin' slow
clifton chenier tu le ton son ton
beausoleil la danse de la vie
little junior's blue flames feeling good
t.m. stevens the river flow
sonny stitt blue devil blues
thelonius monk epistrophy
miles davis nature boy
king pleasure parker's mood
stand still naked monkey
planes mistaken for stars earning ire
the clean platypus
the baptist generals creeper
bile do you wanna touch me there (oh yeah)

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big pile of bones

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