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monday's playlist: 2/03/03

pigface closer to heaven
nightmares on wax burn me slo
parliament aqua boogie (a psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)
the box tops she shot a hole in my soul
bill withers wintertime
captain beefheart on tomorrow
frank zappa & the mothers of invention brown shoes don't make it/america drinks up and goes home
the residents the car thief
the reputation for what it's worth
groove armada purple haze
enon white rabbit
t.m. stevens maximum effect
easy star all-stars the great gig in the sky
nick cave & the bad seeds bring it on
butthole surfers sinister crayon
midnight creeps ballad of g.g.
james chance i danced with a zombie
the eskimos elliot
the (international) noise conspiracy baby doll
rainer maria mystery & misery
the datsuns super gyration
crash & burn come on down
the baptist generals alcohol (turn and fall)
the booze explosion lady bird
radio 4 certain tragedy
jon spencer blues explosion bell bottoms
guided by voices alright
ramones pinhead
kraftwerk tour de france (french version)
radiohead the national anthem
buzzcocks orgasm addict
southern culture on the skids soul city
joe strummer & the mescaleros at the border guy
big audio dynamite james brown
public image limited brave new world

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big pile of bones

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