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big pile of bones
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monday's playlist: 01/05/09
james brown bring it up (hipsters avenue)
frank zappa lumpy gravy parts 1 & 2
fela kuti confusion break bones
old time relijun cold water
velvet underground sister ray
lloyd price oooh oooh oooh
joe liggins & his honeydrippers rag mop
daddy cleanhead somethings going on in my room
camille howard money blues
johnny fuller haunted house
the blues man (roosevelt sykes) ice cream freezer
earl king i'm yer best bet baby
raconteurs old enough
adolescents amoeba
wallpaper rock and roll world
parts & labor mount misery
crystal stilts the city in the sea
vijaya anand desire soars up high
lucilla campos toro mata
jesus alemany mata y guaguanco
manuel donayre yo no soy jacqui
boy eats drum machine planets & stars
cat power ye olde triangle
isabell campbell & mark lanegan who built the road
golden error sad sad zelda

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big pile of bones

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