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monday's playlist: 1/30/06
frank zappa waka/jawaka
oliver lake gw
bill evans haunted heart
captain beefheart upon the my o my
the stooges fun house
jackie-o motherfucker hey, mr. sky
modest mouse bukowski
brian jonestown massacre here to go
the ladies vacation, asphyxia, vacation
d.o.a. no god no war
cat power lived in bars
the upsetters copacetic
the clash lost in a supermarket
alta may local flesh
nick cave & the bad seeds love letters
oakley hall hiway
au revoir simone back in time
the society of rockets suicide summer
david bowie an occassional dream
sing sing unseen
of montreal psychotic feeling
gossip coal to diamonds
tortoise & bonnie "prince" billy some say (i got devil)
jenny lewis & the watson twins it wasn't me
metal hearts socialize
the beatings remedial math rock
ape has killed ape dodo bird
my life with the thrill kill kult paradise motel
ft(the shadow government) noble flavor
happy flowers i shouldn't have eaten that stuff
robert pollard dancing girls and dancing men
duke ellington switch blade
p.o.s. living slightly larger
saint etienne teenage winter
clap hands say yeah clap your hands

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big pile of bones

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