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monday's playlist: 1/23/06
jenny lewis & the watson twins born secular
aids wolf the hat collector
cat power willie
gossip standing in the way of control
ester drang come back alive
sing sing mister kandali
akimbo digging a hole
vailhalen mood killer
p.o.s. bush league psyche-out stuff
the elected biggest star
tartufi ashes
the eames era go to sleep
coltrane motion pi is exactly 3
robert pollard love is stronger than witchcraft
hindi guns we mess up the system
okkervil river in a radio song
my life with the thrill kill kult one nite stand
beausoleil l'ouragon
the avett brothers pretty girl from feltre
breaking laces shack up sos
cabin because it wasn't perfect
jihad jerry & the evildoers beehive
elefant don't wait
liars it fit when i was a kid
third sight the people vs. the fake
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark genetic engineering
we are scientists textbook
snmnmnm misfit out of time
death from above 1979 romantic rights
crush kill destroy walter mondale
stone jack jones bread
d.o.a. war in the east

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big pile of bones

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