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monday's playlist: 1/16/06
the beatings villains
robert pollard conqueror of the moon
the dead betties don't betray the ghost
the tallest comet
delta 5 now that you've gone
test icicles all you need is blood
east west blast test welcome to geelong (now go home)
morricone youth funny thing
antonio hart organ grinder
clifford brown de-dah
stan getz my old flame
roy eldridge all the cats join in
hall ranaldo hooker blue seven
wild magnolias soul, soul, soul
nutley brass hybrid moments
wynonio harris i like my baby's pudding
ape has killed ape hell toupee
the fall ride away
sleater-kinney jumpers
dead milkmen right wing pigeons
r.l. burnside goin' down south
the neats living wind
bullet lavolta swandive
death from above 1979 black history month
interpol public pervert
gorillaz every planet we reach is dead
ennio morricone giorno di notte
kind of like spitting aubergine
kate bush pi
legendary shack shakers where's the devil when you need him
gang of 4 ether
yeah yeah yeahs rich
fats domino be my guest
john lennon gimme some truth
ray charles just for a thrill
ladysmith black mambazo how long
martin luther king, jr. journey to memphis

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big pile of bones

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