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monday's playlist: 1/2/06

paul leary how much longer
the bloody hollies emergency shutdown
shriekback black light trap
hot snakes i hate the kids
motorhead for you
flogging molly the exiled years
meat puppets walking boss
firehose losers, boozers and heroes
the handsome family drunk by noon
captain beefheart semi-multicoloured caucasian
tricky the love cats
velvet underground venus in furs
daniel johnston my little girl
einsturzende neubauten besetzt
ornette coleman turnaround
miles davis it's about that time
charlie feathers dinky john
b52's dirty back roads
gogogo airheart ever since i was young
jackie wilson to be loved
shockabilly 8 miles high
bob dylan highway 61 revisited
tom verlaine true story
sun kil moon tiny cities made of ashes
le tigre hot topic
howlin' wolf evil (it's goin' on)
huevos rancheros el toro muerto con queso
jeffrey lee pierce love & desperation
pj harvey the letter
pere ubu 30 seconds over tokyo
el guapo fake french
jesus lizard eyesore
my life with the thrill kill kult the devil does drugs
public image limited socialist
secret mommy yoga studio
mike ladd barney's girl

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big pile of bones

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