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monday's playlist: 1/27/03

nightmares on wax fire in the middle
george clinton mathematics
blur there's no other way
green velvet percolator 2000
james chance contort yourself
nick cave & the bad seeds babe i'm on fire
roky erickson night of the vampire
chin up chin up for all the tanning salons in texas
the clean wipe me i'm lucky
lorelei joan jett
the (international) noise conspiracy when words are not working
butthole surfers something
flipper life is cheap
velvet underground i'm sticking with you
crash & burn checks in the mail
radon facial disobedience
drive like jehu here come the long plows
hem (the angels wanna wear my) red shoes
baxter dury fungus hedge
u.s. maple blimps & guys
the bags dropout
atomic 7 day of the deadbeats
the jigsaw seen luci baines
beat happening/screaming trees polly pereguin
paul krassner george w. bush passes the test
rainer maria floors
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark time zones
modest mouse stars are projectors
big black texas
yesterday's kid eighteen
psychic tv stick insect
angry samoans heizman's brain is calling
jet black crayon empire
leaving trains claire voyeur

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big pile of bones

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