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monday's playlist: 1/20/03

all mighty senators mother nature's afro
frank zappa & the mothers of invention king kong
flying lizards sex machine
butthole surfers bar-b-q pope
crash & burn crazy & stupid
groove armada final shakedown
morrisey that's entertainment
patti smith piss factory
the jigsaw seen baby elephant walk
astrid oto daniella
the gloryholes cia
social distortion don't drag me down
motorhead stone deaf in the usa
the (international) noise conspiracy beautiful so alone
endless pulse nowhere chick
ornette coleman rock the clock
yoko ono death of samantha
don byron the penguin
duke ellington the hawk talks
dead milkmen spit sink
chin up chin up i'm not asking for a tennis bracelet
paul weller going places
mean red spiders beaconsfield
lorelei guitar eternal
ral partha vogelbacher wrong bike
brokeback james winston, friends call me james
nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood some velvet morning
shane mcgowan & the popes that woman's got me drinking
roy orbison working for the man
crooked fingers big darkness
frank quinn paddy mcginty's goat
terry teene curse of the hearse
half japanese elevator boy
mysterious clown mysterious clown
the white stripes i think i smell a rat
mr. love ease the pain
the ass baboons of venus nipple rocket revenge
all mighty senators soul

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big pile of bones

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