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monday's playlist: 1/13/03

new order temptation
johnny blas afro-rican
au pairs dear john
baculum train song
cat power cross bone style
björk play dead
books on tape terranaut
tindersticks tiny tears
clifford brown brownie speaks
roy hargrove & antonio hart lotus blossom
miles davis freddie the freeloader
billy hart dirty dogs
mahavishnu orchestra birds of fire
dirt bike annie what's happening hot stuff?
corrosion of conformity what?/negative outlook
calla televised
planets mistaken for stars thunder in the night (we ride to fight)
holopaw abraham lincoln/igloo glass
johnny marr & the healers the last ride
ross beach step out into the sun
circle of birds old ironside
dj me dj you salsa in microchips
tiga dj kicks deceptacon (le tigre)
my life with the thrill kill kult kooler than jesus
kmfdm the problem
the cramps garbage man
kittie do you think i'm a whore?
fugazi walken's syndrome
against me tonight we're gonna give it 35%
astrid oto daniella
blackstone valley sinners lethal injection
billy bragg levi stubb's tears
the darlings yours for the asking
the gloryholes solid gold maximum booty
james brown baby you're right

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big pile of bones

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