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monday's playlist: 1/06/03

art of noise kiss
the cure disintegration
johnny marr & the healers you are the magic
shockabilly psychotic reaction
calla don't hold your breath
dick van dyke baby won't you please come home
camper van beethoven my baby just got out of jail
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark international
blackstone valley sinners saturday sinners, sunday saint
johnny cash hurt
the darlings someday
shonen knife twist barbie
the gloryholes selfish
fable factory chicken man
buzzcocks sitting round at home
songs of zarathustra the messenger of heart
sham 69 whose generation
dirt bike annie marcia, she's trying to kill me
oneida sheets of easter
violent femmes confessions
kid dakota crossin' fingers
shriekback black light trap
holopaw short wave hum (stutter)
scarboro aquarium club future pop
o.v. wright 8 men four women
rising storm love starvation
neutral milk hotel two headed boy
the demons of negativity resurrection
pavement price yeah
dj me dj you people together
fela kuti pansa pansa
six finger satellite hans' pocketwatch
brand new logan to government center
hank williams honky tonkin'

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big pile of bones

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