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monday's playlist: 12/20/10
captain beefheart moonlight on vermont
captain beefheart hot head
captain beefheart drop out boogie
captain beefheart big black baby shoes
captain beefheart candle mambo
captain beefheart zig zag wanderer
frank zappa/captain beefheart debra kadabra
captain beefheart pachuco cadaver
captain beefheart best batch yet
captain beefheart the past sure is tense
captain beefheart autumns child
captain beefheart electricity
captain beefheart tropical hot dog night
captain beefheart safe as milk (take 5)
eugene chadbourne wild horses
the duke spirit everybody's under your spell
action makes drag the lake
bruce springsteen one way street
joy formidable i don't want to see you like this
hollerado what's everybody running for part II
violens trance-like turn
idlewild young than america
giant sand monk's mountain
shonda k i'm da best
charlene howard send me someone to love
laura marling blues run the game
coastwest unrest the lonesome tale of bacchus lee (my friend)
jonathan richman winter afternoon by b.u. in boston
jimi hendrix day tripper
tyler jakes the dregs
false positive please don't shoot
orange juice in a nutshell
wild wild geese as the crow flies
j.c. satan itaca
surf city teachers
lyrics born i've lost myself
heligoats moon see, day see
viva emily
john lennon oh yoko

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big pile of bones

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