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monday's playlist: 12/06/10
such gold so close
nightmares for a week breath's as hard as kerosene
killing joke ghosts on a ladbroke grove
tom zé outra insensatez, poe!
nihiti mighty neon fragment
tyler jakes lazy daze
lord huron we went wild
wallburds hourglass
the corin tucker band big goodbye
cee lo green what part of forever
one ring zero pluto
matt & kim block after block
girls heartbreaker
giant sand ride the rail
the comforters the world has room for me
british columbians broke & busted
velella velella hey cuz
commerce the same time
violens it couldn't be perceived
eagle & talon for the blood
warpaint warpaint
mr. ho's orchestrotica street scene
solar temple suicides how the sphere, having in vain
action makes let them go
tartufi fear of tall giraffes
die antwoord in your face
sub swara in ether
blue water, white death gall
the parting gifts i don't want to be like this
nightlands slowtrain
we are enfant terrible eagles don't sparkle
morrissey suedehead
hollerado walking on the sea
comic wow encore electronics flute fax
cajun gems better mistakes
gospel music automobile

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big pile of bones

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