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monday's playlist: 12/29/08
the clash broadway
los straightjackets san diego shutdown
sir finks mazatlan stomp
r.e.m. living well is the best revenge
bikini kill thurston moore hearts a who
birthday party big jesus trash can
fucked up son the father
motorhead killers
japanese motors single fins & safety pins
riff ruffin true confession
welcome wagon half a person
between the pine people we were before
björk bachelorette
arthur lyman jungle jalopy
john coltrane selflessness
charley shavers kidney stew
george lewis band chicken (chicken ain't nothin' but a bird)
the the your cheatin' heart
impressions choice of colors
made in mexico viva la luz
kanda bongo man zing zong
kristen hersh in shock
this moment in black history you owe me tony
the zulus big d
guitar wolf ufo romantics
mansfields nyc rock & roll
star fucking hipsters zombie christ
pj harvey the river
maus haus we used technology (but the technology let us down)
bratmobile i'm in the bed
sibiri samake comagnana
bis two million
sea sick devil on her palms
love little red book
captain beefheart big black baby shoes
l7 american society
mount eerie o my heart
moon & moon we are the lights

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big pile of bones

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