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monday's playlist: 12/15/08
public image limited albatross
ian drury and his blockheads wake up and make love with me
peter gabriel handauflegen
nancy sinatra leave my dog alone
brian eno driving me backwards
roky erickson can't be brought down
cat power it ain't fair
modest mouse the stars are projectors
echo & the bunnymen happy death men
pepper & the shakers semi-psychedelic (it is)
skeletons the things
camper van beethoven jack ruby
elvis presley flaming star
hole good sister bad sister
shadows of knight i got my mojo working
billie holiday you go to my head
linus pauling quartet astral toads
dewey redman imagination
motors dreaming your life away
frank zappa willie the pimp
sonic youth piano piece #13 (carpenter's piece)
shockabilly eight miles high
flipper sex bomb baby
sons & daughters la lune
dave douglas five the inflated tear
shriekback suck
eric dolphy glad to be unhappy
naked raygun managua
bouncing souls man in black
mahjongg turf war (on a global scale)
pogues rain street

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big pile of bones

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