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monday's playlist: 12/1/08
los campesinos you'll need those fingers for crossing
moon & moon there can be only one
sea sick come for the fall
earl scruggs doin' my time
wanda jackson hot dog that made him mad
hank snow there's a pony that's lonely
ralph stanley short life of trouble
handsome family fallen peaches
nick cave & the bad seeds carry me
raconteurs old enough
welcome wagon he never said a mumblin' word
elf power cotton crown
isabell campbell & mark lanegan trouble
jean-louis huhta halfway between the wind & death
comets on fire the antlers of the midnight sun
old time relijun cold water
younger sister band corn
birdsongs of the mesozoic laramide revolution
the organ even in the night
baby shambles crumb begging baghead
boy eats drum machine the crack in the sea
dead can dance the snake and the moan
kasai all stars analengo
crystal stilts prismatic room
the sir finks devil's agent
skeletons eleven (it'll rain)
dead leaf echo thought talk
lake on the swing
oakley hall 5 sided die
crystal antlers a thousand eyes
david byrne/brian eno home
gang gang dance bebey
o'death angeline

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big pile of bones

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