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monday's playlist: 12/29/03

allen ginsburg america
eugene chadbourne & evan johns achey rakey heart
frank zappa dental hygiene dilemna
wipers when it's over
calexico black heart
pere ubu final solution
pj harvey ballad of the sailor's wife
ornette coleman silence
zulus kings of queen city
kittie choke
pylon gyrate
public image limited socialist
neil young cowgirl in the sand
ciccione youth burning up
velvet underground i'm waiting for the man
titanics drag you down to my level
the clash the equaliser
ugly casanovas ice on sheets
hüsker dü dead set on destruction
ryuchi sakamoto railroad man
blotto i wanna be a lifeguard/we are the nowtones
skanatra one more for my baby
throw that beat in the garbage can cool
throwing muses run letter
guided by voices twilight campfire
lyres high on yourself
the darlings someday
wire reuters
depeche mode stripped
automaton open up amnesia
camper van beethoven tania
rubber rodeo walking after midnight

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big pile of bones

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