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monday's playlist: 12/22/03

mc5 rocket reducer #62 (rama lama fa fa fa)
ministry filth pig
los straightjackets dreamland
dick dale fever
tony harris when i get you back
basement jaxx cish cash
slim chance & the convicts george jones (he never sang about my girl)
cracker family tradition
jack o'fire spoonful
mal waldron a case of plus 4's
tito paris danca ma mi criola
the last poets before the white man came
roy orbison candy man
pj harvey happy & bleeding
13th floor elevators gloria
lester young i've found a new baby
l7 andrea
captain beefheart when big joan sets up
ramones bad brain
bikini kill all american reject
bad brains i against i
joy division i remember nothing
paris bush killa
joe mcphee ann kahle
devo pink pussycat
the skatallites ball of fire
babes in toyland mother
dana & d'gary the dog & the chameleon
butthole surfers earthquake
sun ra youh man
pavement elevate me later
groove armada fogma
the living end making time
agent orange tearing me apart
beastie boys eggman
duke ellington caravan
sunnyland slim i'm a lonesome man
roy hargrove & antonio hart straight no chaser

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big pile of bones

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