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monday's playlist: 12/15/03

radiohead a punch up at a wedding
glenn branca third movement
bush tetras boom lakka lakka
portastatic growin' up
chinese stars arson hotline
alex chilton tee ni nee ni noo--tips on in
the flamenco a go-go forget all things
leonard cohen first take manhattan
the flaming lips prescription overkill
paul bowles the circular valley
butthole surfers human cannonball
minutemen price of paradise
cramps caveman
the clash white man in hammersmith palais
brian eno needles in the camel's eye
the dirtbombs fido
au pairs stepping out of line
modest mouse convenient parking
x universal corner
mecca normal is this you?
billy bragg it says here
fugazi suggestion
fireside let rasputin do it
lungfish hear the children sing
the fleshtones roman gods
nashville pussy johnny hotrod
jazz butcher the human jungle
the birthday party king ink
the fuzztones strychnine
sonic youth expressway to yr skull
flogging molly the likes of you again
jackie gleason hiya mr. dunnehy
the fall smile
the dipers it's not pretty
the glands love town
mission of burma tram two

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big pile of bones

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