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monday's playlist: 12/08/03

malcolm x no sell out
kitchens & bathrooms for instance, driving blind
minutemen story of man
the beau brummels laugh laugh
talking heads once in a lifetime
the flying luttenbachers kkringg number one
jody williams lucky lou
johnny blas cool blas
mahavishnu orchestra birds of fire
oakley hall end time evangelist
joe strummer & the mescaleros arms aloft
the delgados falling & landing
drexel #1
har mar superstar power lunch
talk talk it's my life
patti smith once voice
iggy pop blood on your cool
new order your silent face
nick cave & the bad seeds papa won't leave you henry
blonde redhead hated because of great qualities
the smiths i want the one i can't have
man or astroman interstellar harddrive
malcolm mclaren soweto
the rapture i need your love
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark architecture and morality
marian brown november cotton flower
jackie wilson no pity in the naked city
shadows of knight high school daze
j.c. davis coolin' out
cat power i don't blame you
o.v. wright monkey dog
arab strap peep peep
the wild magnolias hand a wanda
clifford brown wail bait
cheb sahroui deblet gualbi
jack o'fire no love lost
hasidic new wave habibi
butthole surfers waiting for jimmy to kick
the hives automatic schmuck
tom waits eggs & sausage

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big pile of bones

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