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monday's playlist: 12/01/03

flipper life
sonic youth teen age riot
bloody hollies dog fight
eleventh dream day through my mouth
jesus & mary chain something's wrong
i love you but i've chosen darkness we're still the weaker sex
groovie ghoulies the lizard king
shonen knife burning farm
teardrop explodes ha ha i'm drowning
leatherface i don't want to be the one to say it
the jam mr. clean
huevos rancheros head smashed in buffalo jump
shriekback every force evolves a form
theatre of hate the klan
pop will eat itself familus horribilis
the the infected
peaches operate
television friction
white stripes dead leaves and the dirty ground
dan sartain walk among the cobras, pt. 1
the donnas huff all night
lyres you've been wrong
tom tom club as above so below
john coltrane traneing in
hit man sammy sam step daddy
gun club sex beat
the usa is a monster heliotropic dream
sylvia plath lady lazarus
the mummies i'm gonna kill my baby tonight
thee milkshakes bo diddling
el guapo glass house
dirtbombs i'm through with white girls
year future each others futures
november group put your back to it
the gossip where the girls are
john cale heartbreak hotel
calla strangler
creaming jesus a forest
the forces of evil hay woo yea!
jack o'fire moanin' at midnite

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big pile of bones

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