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monday's playlist: 11/29/10
jonathan richman i was the one she came for
girls heartbreaker
wild wild geese art & war
the shondes lines & hooks
jezebels mace spray
deerhoof i did crimes behind your eyelids
freebass world won't wait
parting gift don't stop
lonnie walker st. sleeper
greg lyon you watch me sway
heligoats turn down the offer
circle mr. man
false positive ambulance
univers zero chaos hermetique
les sins lina
tricky early bird
replacements alex chilton
method of defiance patterns of war
dwayne dopsie & zydeco hellraisers traveling man
fresh & onlys red light, green light
kendl winter i'm a child
orange juice a sad lament
brian eno written, forgotten
companies running on empty
hotchacha pleasure cruise
residents the service
secret sisters all about you
camper van beethoven that gum you like is back in style
j.c. satan odyssey of love
laurie anderson my right eye
jail weddings the impossible
dj serpent noir la go attoto
coastwest unrest i'm a ghost now
surf city icy lakes
pete yorn bad man
cheap time i'd rather be done
sun airway infinity

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big pile of bones

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