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monday's playlist: 11/15/10
surf city yakuza park
giant sand better man than me
eux autres take it or leave it
dvas society
orange juice what presence?!
picture an accident gotta be mad
wallburds the very first time
greenhornes better off without it
little freddie king can't do nothing babe
neil young hitchhiker
black dub ring the alarm
ghost of a saber tooth tiger dark matter/white noise
uz jsme doma fascination (fascinace)
fistful of mercy fistful of mercy
tyler jakes vibrator
ryuichi sakamoto firewater
fops ghost town hall
j.c. satan your place
grinderman mickey mouse & the goodbye man
elvis costello church underground
secret sisters the one i love is gone
corin tucker band 1,000 years
brian eno paleosonic
lyrics born we live by the beat
klaxons echoes
avey tare ghost of books
wooden wand i wanna make a difference
pete yorn rock crowd
deerhunter earthquake
clinic freemason waltz
mojo monkeys enough
david bowie panic in detroit
floored by four watt
no age fever dreaming
kisses the heart of the nightlife

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big pile of bones

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