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monday's playlist: 11/01/10
built to spill stab
frank zappa cradle rock
the monks that's my girl
ming toro o.a.f.
les baton rouge women in control
comet gain beatnik
alan sparhawk eruption by eddie van halen
mystery of two quick
frank black & the catholics whiskey in my shoes
meat puppets rotten shame
lyres never met a girl like you
demolition doll rods lil' naked
wire surgeon's girl
archie bronson outfit dart for my sweetheart
13th floor elevators nobody to love
b-52's give me back my man
billy bragg o freedom
bruce springsteen old dan tucker
the nein jim morrison in desert
the isles wonder all the time
brian jonestown massacre reign on
cambodian rocks #21
ethnic heritage ensemble mt
william bell you don't miss your water
kraftwerk elektro kardiogramm
lee "scratch" perry i am a psychiatrist
lester young prisoner of love
mission of burma weathebox
b.o.b. featuring hayley williams airplanes
zeep heads you win
king crimson indoor games
god module me! i disconnect from you
tom verlaine saucer crash
charlie parker swingmatism
nick cave & the bad seeds she fell away
david byrne things to do (i've tried)
the brunettes structure & cosmetics
lou rhodes circles
snow pony crumpledten
blue smitty date bait
belle & sebastian i'm not living in the real world

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big pile of bones

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