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monday's playlist: 11/17/08
my federation something's gotta give
vampire weekend the kids don't stand a chance
the paper scissors we don't walk
heroes of the dance floor catch 22
of montreal for our elegant caste
the gay blades dog day afternoon
quinton walk to the harvest
boy eats drum machine put your hands all over me
birdsongs of the mesozoic terry riley's house
these arms are snakes red line season
dead trees killer in me
crystal stilts departure
crystal antlers parting song for the torn sky
juana molina vive solo
dears disclaimer
brian eno/david byrne poor boy
kmfdm juke joint jezebel
mansfield frankenstein twist
johan johannsson the rocket builds
holy modal rounders hold the woodpile down
yximallo jujulul
gang gang dance dust
monkey confessions of a pig

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big pile of bones

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