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monday's playlist: 11/10/08
mothers of invention who are the brain police
mothers of invention what's the ugliest part of your body
mothers of invention absolutely free
mothers of invention how could i be such a fool
mothers of invention call any vegetable
mothers of invention any way the wind blows
jimmy carl black/eugene chadbourne buggy boogie woogie
charlie parker just friends
charlie parker hothouse
charlie parker the gypsy
charlie parker this is always
charlie parker sad song
lou reed sad song
francois virot eaguru guru
isobel campbell/mark lanegan back burner
lucinda williams it's a long way to the top
curumin kyoto
joseph arthur & the lonely astronauts drive
qemists lost weekend
ty segall you're not me
unicorn basement operator
brian eno/david byrne wanted for life
wire circumspect
george clinton fever
rainbow arabic see no hear no
parts and labor solemn show world
cause co-motion this time next year
japanese motors spendin' days
fucked up the chemistry of common life
younger sister band honey from the vine
calexico falling from sleeves
lambchop close up
richard hell love comes in spurts
husbands we'ret he husbands
bob mould again and again
cabaret voltaire radical chic
the fall 41 loop/houston
raveonettes love in a trashcan
beatings cointelpro

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big pile of bones

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