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monday's playlist: 11/3/08
brian eno/david byrne i feel my stuff
quintron waterfall
crystyl stilts the city in the sea
international noise conspiracy assination of myself
desolation wilderness come over in your silver car
so so glos underneath the universe
future clouds and radar mummified
the organ don't be angry
gangi region 2
star fucking hipsters broken
dead trees my friend joan she never asks
peachcake are you people ready to shrink continents
these arms are snakes seven curtains
lords of altamont lightning strikes
reefer body heat
birdsongs of the mesozoic the beat of the mesozoic, part 1
buraka som sistema kalemba
rachel yamagata whit if i leave
juana molina un dia
chad van gaalen inside the molecules
baby guts bed sheets
mansfields lipstick killer
arch cupcake el gato attacks
the hush now pining
waxfang majestic
lake bad dreams
buttless chaps complications may arise
hot lava mummy beach
mogwai i love you i'm going to blow up your school
gang gang dance dust
xx teens the way we were
the mojomatics asking for a better circustance
school of seven bells my cabal
monkey monkey's world
brian eno/david byrne my big nurse

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big pile of bones

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