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monday's playlist: 11/28/05

john coltrane i'll get by as long as i have you
coleman hawkins i want to be loved
rahsaan roland kirk kirks work
interpol fog vs. mould for the length of love
ladysmith black mambazo hello my baby
heaven 17 we don't need this fascist groove thing
ennio morricone giomo di notte
einsturzende neubauten yu ging
tarentella southern cross
mike ladd murder girl
gogogo airheart rats
the tunnel of love the womb
bell orchestre les lumieres pt. 1
joy you were a flood/you were a fire
death from above 1979 romantic rights
kate bush nocturn
ross beach the tv's talkin'
bush chemists east of jaro
bazerk your whole style is cheap
cat power the greatest
artichoke heisenberg, werner
pit er pat take out the trash
p:ano animal friends
nutley brass astro zombie
guitar wolf jet generation
the morning after girls slowdown
clap your hands say yeah the skin of my yellow country teeth
snmnmnm judy is a punk
hella mayorca
hudson bell slow burn
bonnie prince billy master & everyone
sonny rollins st. thomas
eddie lockjaw davis last train from overbrook
eric dolphy glad to be unhappy

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big pile of bones

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