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monday's playlist: 11/14/05

conjunto aztlan yo soy tu hermano, yo soy chicano
nirvana mrs. butterworth
altamont dum dum fever
didley squat little darling
the cure one hundred years
either/orchestra antchim endelela
the wildhearts wild zero
the thin man more than miles
broken social scene bandwitch
the drones shark fin blues
pit er pat 3d message
dangerdoom banda bling
kate bush somewhere in between
daisy spot stuck in the mud
turn me on deadman daisy
gogogo airheart turn out the lights
damian marley welcome to jamrock
the beatings pretty faces
ross beach business must be good
tommy guerrero archaic days
maisie universal
artichoke luther burbank
the nervous returns bad girl
landing brocade how to be clear
pixies valouria
noam chomsky what is old europe anyway?
twink the great circus show
orphan projekt one knife
secret mommy squash court
the briefs criminal youth
pink swords drop dead
the bombshells that's fine
horace pinker retrospective
no-neck blues band the black pope

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big pile of bones

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