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monday's playlist: 11/07/05

sleater-kinney what's mine is yours
ministry the fall
pit er pat hey, old man
damien marley for the babies
pixies where is my mind
dr. israel cover me
tom verlaine lore
the beatings stockholm syndrome relapse
bob dylan ballad of a thin man
gogogo airheart turn out the lights
p-funk allstars don't dance too close
electrocute two lane blacktop
the vandals when i say you, i mean me
the knitters burning house of love
dj dolores salvo (the preacher)
diane cluck how long?
the fall bo demmick
(international) noise conspiracy let's make history
blackilicious world of vibrations
animal collective did you see the words
joy division she's lost control
the bombshells she shot me down
neil young no wonder
clorox girls tara
dengue fever tip my canoe
princess buildings
the raveonettes love in a trashcan
fiery furnaces a candymakers knife in my handbag
arabella harrison breathless
sage francis the buzz kill
comet gain days i forgot to write down
digable planets where i'm from

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big pile of bones

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