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monday's playlist: 11/24/03

dead milkmen the thing that only eats hippies
kinky not afraid
phantom tollbooth significant in 10 years
guided by voices game of pricks
devo pink pussy cat
depeche mode question of time
belle & sebastian stay loose
xtc battery brides
nervous cop #10
ian drury & the blockheads (take your elbow out of the soup) you're sitting on the chicken
david byrne/brian eno qu'ran
chinese stars the fastest horse yet
echo & the bunnymen back of love
my own worst enemy pills & pride
del fuegos backseat nothing
d. boon & friends take you there
shockabilly 19th nervous breakdown
kristin hersh your ghost
slickie boys jail bait janet
dan sartain a place to call my home
delgados sucrose
david bowie aladdin sane
mudhoney hard-on for war
soft cell say hello, wave goodbye
martha & the muffins echo beach
the pancakes rock guitar
wire spent
psychedelic furs sister europe
the wind-up bird i love
divine horsemen stone by stone (fire is my home)
alec k. redfern & the eyesores heart punch
the dirtbombs f.i.d.o.
the pogues summer in siam
trachtenburg family believing in you
dinosaur jr. yeah we know
bleach jaded now
roky erickson heroin
french toast breakfast
paul westerberg these days

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big pile of bones

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