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monday's playlist: 11/03/03

p.j. harvey the whores hustle and the hustlers whore
calexico whipping the horses eyes
the handsome family the forgotten lake
eleventh dream day sweet smell
the bags dropout
band of blacky ranchette bored lil' devil
tommy guerrero abierto
lungfish lay yourself aside
raincoats shouting out loud
art of noise dragnet
rainer maria ceremony
yello vicious games
k.k. null 4.40
talking heads book i read
quintron underwater dance club
sunshine narcoleptic feedback
blake babies i'm not your mother
anti-flag rank-n-file
joe strummer & the mescaleros midnight jam
alec k. redfern & the eyesores black holes
the wrens this boy is exhausted
iggy pop supermarket
black rebel motorcycle club stop
frank black & the catholics nadine
desert sessions dead in love
vaz headless statue
rob zombie two-lane blacktop
pink grease shake
the mummies the house on the hill
the trachenburg family wendys, sambos, and long john silvers
plastikman i-no
sushirobo community theatre
the shins pink bullets
eel-fille unique homme sympathique (tres charmant)
swimming pool q's the radio in memphis
hokkaido concern david cassidy
the usa is a monster white faces
cracker truckload of art
the riverboat gamblers dead from the neck up
the bloody hollies penetrate
belle & sebastian wrapped up in books

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big pile of bones

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