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monday's playlist: 10/18/10
laurie anderson dark time in the revolution
neil young love and war
floored by four yuka
klaxons venusia
j + j + j can't relate
haunted hearts lonesome dove
girl haggard hungover/pissed off
the companies birthday wish
belle & sebastian i didn't see it coming
kendl winter dance gently on my grave
fur cups for teeth international baby
deerhunter memory boy
jane lui long ago
tullycraft the punks are writing love songs
hot panda start making sense
junior wells junior's whoop
the corin tucker band dragon
sir ivan love is all around
no age glitter
marnie stern gimme
frankie rose & the outs hollow life
dead confederate in the dark
tricky murder weapon
isobel campbell & mark lanegan get behind me
gold motel perfect in my mind
ghost of a saber tooth tiger candy necklace
jenny & johnny new yorker cartoon
vaselines the devil's inside me
drunken barn dance leaving las vegas, reno, laughlin...
the june gloom if i had a bike
agent ribbons dada girlfriend
bad religion the devil in stitches
sufjan stevens i walked
dollyrots rock control
helado negro paz a ti

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big pile of bones

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