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monday's playlist: 10/11/10
allo darlin' let's go swimming
three mile pilot what'sin the air
otis grove uncle runky
never shout never cheatercheaterbestfriendeater
eels mansions of los feliz
sleep-ins bug on my face
pomegranates any where you go
avett brothers the ballad of love & hate
system & station thieves
jail weddings what did you do with my gun
cave dogs what's new pussycat
the black casey jones
los shapis el aguajal
el guincho soca del eclipse
natacha atlas makaan
grupo fantasma la conozco
forro in the dark nonsensical
grinderman palaces of montezuma
eskmo we have invisible friends
elf power like a cannonball
clinic evelyn
jigsaw seen choreagraphy killed the cat
sufjan stevens too much
mike mountain social climber
lovers don't you want it
whole sky monitor freakshow
les savy fav clear spirits
hotchacha traffic
blood red shoes light it up
bruce haack electric to me turn
kelly stoltz bottle up
munly & lupercalians bird
belle & sebastian i didn't see it coming
land of talk goaltime exposure
crocodiles girl in black
interpol success
pine valley cosmonauts trouble in mind

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big pile of bones

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